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Master of Science


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering


Prof. Jesse Zhu


With increasing of the market for Ginseng products, further improvements in Ginseng technology are required in order to meet the increasing demand, while maintaining a superior quality and adequate volume. The most commercial ginseng products are made from ginseng powder. In addition, for some applications such as tablet and capsule formulation, it is crucial to control and monitor powder flow for product quality assurance. However, although fine powders are preferred by many applications across industries given their many advantages such as relatively larger specific area, the difficulties encountered in powder handling processes due to the cohesive nature of fine powders have prevented them from being widely applied.

This study was applied high shear wet granulation to improve the flow property of fine Ginseng and other fine powders. After that, evaluating of fine powders and their granulates was studied in the Conventional Fluidized Bed and a newly invented Rotating Fluidized Bed. High Ginseng concentration granules were made by high shear wet granulation. The Conventional Fluidized Bed has some disadvantages which are shown in this study. A new Rotating Fluidized Bed was designed by Professor. Jesse Zhu was introduced in this study, which can overcome the Conventional Fluidized Bed limitations. It can treat Geldart group C as a Geldart group A and improve its flowability. Fine powder was fluidized and high Ginseng concentration tablet can be made which is not possible without granulation.

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