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Master of Education




Dr. Rachel Heydon


This study explored the opportunities for print literacy learning within multimodal ensembles that featured art, singing, and digital media. Study questions concerned how reading and writing were practiced and what learning opportunities were afforded for them during an intergenerational program that united 13 kindergarten children with 7 elders to work through a chain of multimodal projects. Data were collected through ethnographic tools in the Rest Home where the projects were completed and in the children’s classroom where project content and tools were introduced and extended by the classroom teacher. Themes were identified through the juxtaposition of field texts in a multimodal analysis. Results indicated that the ensembles afforded children opportunities to improvise and refine their print literacy practices through a process of rehearsal. The study is designed to contribute to the nascent, yet growing body of knowledge concerning print literacy practices and learning opportunities as conceptualized within multimodal literacy.