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Master of Arts




Dr. Alan Salmoni


The purpose of this study was to assess awareness of physical activity and sedentary behaviour among parents and children aged 10-13 years. Associations between awareness and factors including age, BMI, gender, and obesity status were also examined. A total of 53 parent-child dyads participated in the study. Agreement between parent and child subjective measures (self-report) and objectively measured physical activity was examined to determine awareness. Most parents (87%) and children (83%) overestimated child moderate-vigorous physical activity (MVPA) beyond 30 minutes/day. The majority of parents (87%) and children (85%) also underestimated child sedentary behaviour by at least 3 hours/day. Older children were more likely to overestimate physical activity and underestimate sedentary behaviour than younger children. This study highlighted the lack of awareness among parents and children regarding child physical activity and sedentary behaviour. Health promotion efforts should focus on raising awareness levels among parents and children to initiate behaviour change.