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Master of Science




Dr. Norman P.A.Huner

2nd Supervisor

Dr. Denis P. Maxwell

Joint Supervisor


Chlamydomonas raudensis Ettl consists of two strains, SAG 49.72 and UWO 241. They have identical Internal Transcribed Spacer sequences and are thus considered to belong to the same species, even though they are geographically separate and physiologically and biochemically very distinct. Using the technique of random amplification of polymorphic DNA to measure the extent of genome polymorphism, the aim of this research was to estimate the similarity of the nuclear genomes of the two strains. The analysis shows that the two strains only share approximately 10% of the total number of amplicons. Surprisingly, the data also indicates, indirectly, that the genome sequences of these two strains are no more similar to each other than either is to a strain of C. reinhardtii. This research raises the intriguing question of how two strains can have identical Internal Transcribed Spacer sequences and yet possess genome sequences that are clearly divergent.

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