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Surgical simulation workflow representation using hierarchical task analysis and statecharts: Implementation on the evolution engine

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Conference Proceedings - 2014 IEEE Games, Media, Entertainment Conference, IEEE GEM 2014

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The Healthcare services providers and medical schools have only recently recognized the potential of simulation as a training tool, focusing primarily on realistic standardized-patient simulations (for problem solving and decision-making skills) and task trainers and immersive simulations (for surgical skills). We are making use of Game Engine tools for developing virtual-world scenarios for emergent events to train and evaluate the higher decision-making skills in endoscopie tasks, including situational assessment of OR displays and communications within the OR team. A critical component of this design activity is to capture the surgical workflow using a hierarchical task analysis that can provide a representation for the scenarios implemented in simulation using game engine scripting tools. We have developed a methodology based on Statecharts that shortens development time by making use of state-based patterns, extended to support task hierarchies.