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Collaborative table-top VR display for neurosurgical planning

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2015 IEEE Virtual Reality Conference, VR 2015 - Proceedings

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We present a prototype of a system in development for pre-operative planning. The proposed NeuroTable uses a combination of traditional rendering and novel visualization techniques rendered to facilitate real-time collaboration between neurosurgeons during intervention planning. A set of multimodal 2D and 3D renderings convey the relation between the region of interest and the surrounding anatomical structures. A haptic device is used for interaction with the NeuroTable to facilitate immersive control over the 3D cursor and navigation modes for the neurosurgeons during their discourse of planning. A pilot experimental study was conducted to assess the performance of users in targeting points within the preoperative 3D scan. Then, two clinicians participated in the evaluation of the table in discussing and planning a case. Results indicate that the NeuroTable facilitated the discourse and we discuss the results of the speed and accuracy for the specification of entry and target points.