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The Twenty-fourth IEEE Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Our society relies greatly on a variety of critical infrastructures (CI), such as power system networks, water distribution, oil and natural gas systems, telecommunication networks and others. Interdependency between those systems is high and may result in cascading failures spanning different infrastructures. Behavior of each CI can be observed and analyzed through the use of domain simulators, but this does not account for their interdependency. To explore CI interdependencies, domain simulators need to be integrated in a federation where they can collaborate.

This paper explores three different simulators: the EPANET water distribution simulator, the PSCAD power system simulator and the I2Sim infrastructure interdependency simulator. Each simulator’s modeling approach is explored and their similarities and differences between modeling approaches are determined. Core ontology for each simulation engine is created as well as initial mapping between them. Ontologies and their mapping will support collaboration of simulators by enabling exchange of information in a semantic manner.

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