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International Journal for Mathematics Teaching and Learning


In what unique ways can mathematics tasks contribute to pre-service teachers’ understanding of subject matter and pedagogy? And what school mathematics tasks can usefully be included in a pre-service program? To contribute to answering these questions, we report on the selection and choice criteria for mathematics tasks that we use in an elementary pre-service program. We see these tasks as experiential therapy. We believe that for teachers to see mathematics, and consequently mathematics teaching and learning, in new ways then they need to personally experience mathematics in new ways. We discuss at length one of the tasks, the Consecutive Terms task. The evidence that we have gathered shows that teachers‘ engagement with such tasks may help them become better positioned to teach mathematics in what we refer to as “warm” ways, in that re- service teachers begin to revisit their mathematical experiences and start seeing mathematics as different from the stereotypical view of a cold, rigid, individual endeavour.

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