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Visual Mathematics and Cyber learning

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In this chapter we offer a case study of an online Mathematics for Teachers course through the lens of four affordances of new media: democratization, multimodality, collaboration and performance. Mathematics, perhaps more so than other school subjects, has traditionally been a subject that people do not talk about outside of classroom settings. However, we demonstrate through the case of the Mathematics for Teachers course that this does not have to be the case. Mathematics, even mathematics that traditionally has been seen as abstract or inaccessible, can be talked about in ways that can engage not only adults but also young children. The affordances of new media can help us rethink and disrupt our existing views of mathematics (for teachers and for students) and of how it might be taught and learned, by (1) blurring teacher/student distinctions and crossing hierarchical curriculum boundaries; (2) communicating mathematics in multimodal ways; (3) seeing mathematics as a collaborative enterprise; and (4) helping us learn how to relate good math stories to classmates and family when asked “What did you do in math today?”

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