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This report describes the analysis of ambient vibration data collected from 31 sites in Marathon, ON, Canada, using 31 vertical component geophones (Figure 1). The Eastern Gabbro Suite comprises the Marathon deposits of platinum group metals and copper.

The survey for ambient noise data collection was conducted over a period of 31 days, starting at 3 pm on 10th September and ending at 8 am on 10th October 2017. However, data could not be recorded for all the 31 days at a few sites due to technical issues with the geophones. Data could only be recorded for 19 and 20 days for site 110 and 116 respectively, and for 26 days each for site 121 and 128. Data were given to the Western University in miniSEED format in the last week of January 2018. Data were examined for timefrequency analysis, to understand the effect of wind speed on the ambient vibration data, and to estimate subsurface shear wave velocity by Rayleigh wave dispersion curve inversion.


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