Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science




Dr. Christopher Pin

Second Advisor

Dr. Greg Kelly


The proper regulation of cytosolic Ca is critically important to the function of pancreatic acinar cells, as they require Ca oscillations to initiate the exocytosis of their digestiveenzymes. PersistentlyhighlevelsofcytosolicCa2+leadstotheimproper

activation of these digestive enzymes and subsequently could lead to the development of pancreatic diseases, such as pancreatitis. A series of channels and pumps exist to maintain appropriate levels of cytosolic Ca2+, such as the sarcoendoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ ATPases (SERCAs), plasma membrane Ca2+ ATPases (PMCAs) and the secretory

pathway Ca2+ ATPases (SPCAs). Using Northern blot and real time RT-PCR analysis, I have confirmed the presence of a novel isoform of SPCA2, termed SPCA2-1.2.

Therefore, it is important to characterize and understand the contribution of this novel isoform to the regulation of Ca2+ within pancreatic acinar cells to further understand the

mechanisms that underlie the initiation of pancreatic disease. The goal of this study was to determine the expression pattern of SPCA2, which has not been studied extensively to

date. Based on sequence analysis, SPCA2-1.2 includes the cationic C-terminal domain thathasthecapabilitytobindCa2+andMn2+ions. Co-immunofluorescencewithan

SPCA2 antibody revealed that SPCA2-1.2 is highly expressed in pancreatic acinar cells and is not specifically Golgi-localized. Spca2-1.2 exhibits a restricted tissue expression

pattern, similar to MIST, a serous exocrine-specific transcription factor. In support of a model in which MIST1 regulates Spca2-1.2 expression, the absence of MISTI (Mistl")

correlates with significantly decreased Spca2-1.2 RNA and protein expression in pancreatic acinar cells.



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