Date of Award


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Master of Education




Dr. Daniel Ansari


The aim of the present thesis was to bridge the gap between neuroscience and education by

exploring the cognitive and neural functions of numerical magnitude processing in 3rd and 4th gradechildren. First,thedevelopmentofthebehaviouralnumericalratioeffectwasexplored

over three testing sessions, as well as its relationship to individual differences in math achievement. Second,duringthethirdtestingsession,theneuralcorrelatesoftheratioeffect wererelatedtomathperformance. Thelongitudinalresultsrevealthattheratioeffectdecreased over time indicating children develop a precise representation of numerical magnitude with age, and this developmental trajectory is negatively correlated with math achievement scores. A significant effect of ratio was found in the prefrontal cortex and the intraparietal sulcus which was positively correlated with math achievement scores. These findings suggest that there is a relationship between the behavioural and neuronal correlates of basic numerical magnitude

processing and individual differences in math achievement.



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