Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


Computer Science


Professor Mark Perry


With the development and growth of a variety of web services that can offer customers a wide variety of choice of service has come the need to offer Service Level Agreements that can be generated with minimal human intervention as well as giving flexibility and compliance with business needs. Existing designs do not give service offerers the ability to generate a formal Service Level Agreement that is based on business rules and objectives. This thesis presents a model that allows service offerers the ability to satisfy this need, based on an electronic negotiation with the customer, and a design for a tool, Service Level Agreement Manager for Negotiations. It takes into account the negotiations between user and service provider, the Service Level Objectives of the provider, as well as the resources that the provider has available. The Service Level Agreement Manager for Negotiations provides an automated way to create and document SLAs that increase service provider's profits, customer satisfaction, and it opens up the way to more flexible service provision.



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