Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Music




Dr. Peter Paul Koprowski

Second Advisor

Dr. Paul Frehner


Paths Entwined for Orchestra is a fourteen minute composition that focuses on a process of progression from a diatonic canon, to increasingly complex harmonic sonorities. The piece is divided into five sections. The climax of the piece, in section four, presents twelve note chords in contrasting vertical arrangements. It triggers section five, in which the chief element is a canon at the perfect fifth, resulting in a moving cluster with all twelve notes present. Sections four and five are anticipated by a series of episodes. Section one is a pandiatonic canon resulting in a cluster. Section two, first introduces all twelve pitches, but in two distinct groups, pentatonic and its complement. The third section adds a specific order to the already presented twelve notes, and through various permutations, leads to the following climax. The number five is central to the symmetry of the composition. In addition to being in five sections, the middle section is comprised of five subsections, while the following apogeum (section four) is comprised of five antiphonal pairs. Furthermore, an interval of a fifth (perfect or diminished) is a building block in the canons and various other gestures.



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