Date of Award


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Master of Arts




Dr. Jennifer D. Irwin


Purpose: The purpose of Project IMPACT was to evaluate the impact of a buddy system, record-keeping device, and a combination of the two on the physical activity participation, physical activity-related barriers and task efficacy, and body mass index of undergraduate university students. Methods: A heterogeneous sample of 51 students participated in Project IMPACT. Participants self-selected either an online record-keeping device, a buddy system, a combination of the two, or a control group. All participants completed a series of previously validated questionnaires, at four different time periods, to assess changes in the aforementioned outcome variables. Results: Significant increases in physical activity were experienced by participants in the record-keeping device and combination arms of the study, p < .05. Significant increases in barriers efficacy occurred for all participants across all conditions, p < .05. No significant changes in task efficacy or BMI occurred. Discussion: Project IMPACT was successful at increasing the physical activity of the study population. The record-keeping device, on its own and in combination with the buddy system, was particularly beneficial for facilitating increases in physical activity.



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