Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Engineering Science


Mechanical and Materials Engineering


Professor Chao Zhang


Diesel engines are widely used in transportation and industry utilities as an important power source all over the world. At the same time, more and more stringent emission regulations are applied on diesel engine emissions with concern about environment and human being health. Emissions reduction becomes a challenge for researchers and engineers. A numerical simulation of the fluid flow and combustion process in a diesel engine is carried out in this study in order to investigate the effect of multiple-injection strategy on diesel engine NOx emissions. The effect of the multiple fuel injection strategy and its combination with EGR and multiple nozzle injector technology on the NOx formation in a diesel engine is studied and compared with the conventional single injection strategy. Up to 70% NOx reduction is observed, which indicates that multiple fuel injection strategy is very promising in reducing NOx emissions from diesel engines. KIVA3V release 2, a CFD code package, which can deal with fluid dynamics and heat transfer problems in complex geometry, is employed in the present study.



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