Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science




Brock Fenton

Second Advisor

Tom O’Shea


Unique individual vocal signatures are widespread among animals living in colonies such as the maternity roosts of Eptesicusfuscus. Such individual signatures have been identified in the echolocation calls of E. fuscus in the laboratory, but have not been demonstrated in the wild. By recording known wild E. fuscus as they emerged from their roosts at dusk, I tested the hypothesis that individual and/or roost signatures exist in the echolocation calls of wild E. fuscus. Analyses of calls of 176 individuals recorded at six different locations indicate that temporal and spectral features appear to contain sufficient variation to identify both roost and individual vocal signatures. Overall, bats were correctly associated with their roosts 48%, and with individual identity 14-37%, of the time. The incidence of such signatures may be significant to wild E. fuscus population dynamics.



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