Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Education




Dr. Kathy Hibbert

Second Advisor

Dr. Jason Brown


Technology is an increasingly integral part of communication. Counselling and psychotherapy have likewise incorporated electronic means of interaction to increase access and broaden the scope of service delivery, but little information looks at these services from the perspective of the client. To determine what the salient features of the clients’ subjective experiences of electronically-mediated therapy are, this study employs a survey to learn the experience of those who have undergone e-counselling. Findings are based on a Postmodern, Grounded Theory analysis of online questionnaires. The analysis indicates that participants are insufficiently disabused of preconceptions about online communication, and suggests that they underestimate their vulnerability to internet security concerns. However, communication problems notwithstanding, online clients continue the course of their counselling, and develop mastery of internet-specific communication tactics.



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