Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Microbiology and Immunology


Dr. Bhagirath Singh

Second Advisor

Dr. Tony Jevnikar

Third Advisor

Dr. Mansour Haeryfar


We have found that IL-23 plus IL-6 polarization of splenocytes induces a population of IL-17+ T cells, and that polarization with IL-23 results in a large increase in IL-17 secretion, potentially from a population of CD4^CD8^ double negative (DN) T cells. To characterize these populations in vitro and in vivo a combination of cell sorting, flow cytometry, enzyme linked immuno sorbant assay and adoptive transfers were employed. Polarization with IL-23 plus IL-6 induced an effector Thl7 cell population from naïve T cells in vitro and primed lymphocytes polarized with IL-23 plus IL-6 induced EAE in vivo. The DN T cells were demonstrated to be a novel T cell subset with an inherent IL- 17 bias upon activation which was greatly augmented IL-23. This study demonstrates a new role for IL-23 in the development ofT cells.



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