Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Computer Science


Dr. Stephen M. Watt


Easy availability of various pen based devices, such as Tablet PCs, PDAs and smartphones, has created many opportunities to be explored in the area of pen-based computing. The diverse nature and settings of pen-based applications demands a platform-neutral representation for digital ink supporting a wide range of operations. Ink Markup Language (InkML), an XML-based language, provides such a representation that allows a variety of operations in a flexible and efficient manner. InkML provides support for a range of pen-based application through two styles - streaming and archival - which are semantically equivalent but have different properties. In this thesis, we present solutions for doing transformations between these two styles and performing operations on them. Using streaming InkML, we present different techniques that can be used for exchanging digital ink in a heterogeneous collaborative environment. The main challenges for such a task stem from factors such as differences in channel properties of the ink sources with different capabilities and screen resolutions. We give an analysis and comparison of the various ink sharing techniques. As two use cases, we discuss a mathematical symbol recognition server and an InkML based protocol to provide support for doing mathematics in a collaborative inking environment.



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