Zhutian Wang

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Engineering Science


Electrical and Computer Engineering


Dr. J. Jiang


The work presented in this thesis addresses the dynamic characteristics of a microgrid consisting of an inverter interfaced proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) power module and two synchronous generators operating in an islanded mode. The work includes the experimental investigation of the dynamic characteristics of the distributed generators in this prototype microgrid.

A control and operation system is developed for the prototype microgrid using LabVlEW program, data acquisition devices, and hardware sensing circuitries. This structure with hierarchical architecture, consisting of a control center at a supervisory level, and real-time controllers coupled with individual distributed generators, is used to facilitate the integration of multiple distributed resources into a microgrid. The detailed implementation of this system is presented in this thesis.

The AC voltage and the frequency characteristics of the inverter interfaced PEMFC power module and the two synchronous generators in stand-alone application are investigated experimentally. Using the LabVIEW based microgrid control and operation instrumentation, the DC to AC conversion efficiency of the power electronic inverter is investigated under different load conditions.

The load sharing issue of the prototype microgrid employs a novel scheme using load-voltage droops. A PC based feedback voltage regulator is designed for the inverter interfaced PEMFC. It is intended to achieve the dynamic load regulation of the inverter, and to verify the dynamic load sharing scheme with load-voltage droops. With the aid of the computer based microgrid control and operation system, two economic dispatch strategies are proposed with underlining roles that an alternative energy source may play in a microgrid. The advantages and disadvantages of both strategies are evaluated based on the utilization of the PEMFC power module.



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