Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science




Dr. Mark Bernards

Second Advisor

Dr. Frederic Marsolais

Third Advisor

Dr. Denis Maxwell


Suberin is a plant cell wall biopolymer that provides a protective barrier between its underground organs and the external environment and forms part of the wound healing response. With respect to the suberin associated poly-aliphatic domain (SPAD), the oxidation of oleic acid to produce ω-hydroxy-fatty acids is an important step to suberization, and can be used as a marker to study SPAD formation. In Solanum tuberosum one member of the CYP86A family [Fatty Acid ω-Hydroxylase 1 (FAωHl)] has been shown to have high levels of expression in suberizing root tissue. In the present study, a portion of the FAωHl promoter has been sequenced by iPCR fused with a reporter gene (GUS) and transformed into potato via Argobaterium rhizogenes. With GUS assays it was determined that this putative basal promoter with several proximal regulatory elements is enough to drive expression of the reporter gene when hairy root tissue is wounded.



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