Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Physical Therapy


Dr. Bert Chesworth

Second Advisor

Dr. Trevor Birmingham

Third Advisor

Dr. Joy MacDermid


The Lunge Test Difference Score (LTDS) measures ankle dorsiflexion ROM in weightbearing. Its reliability and validity were estimated in 53 participants (34.6 ± 13.9 years) with orthopaedic ankle injuries. The LTDS, the Lower Extremity Functional Scale, and the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Global Foot and Ankle Scale were recorded on three occasions. Test-retest reliability was determined from the results of the final two testing sessions. Correlations between the LTDS and the functional measures were used to validate the LTDS. Correlation between the Global Rating of Change scale and change in LTDS quantified sensitivity to change. The ICC2,1 was 0.94 and the SEM was 5.01 mm. Cross-sectional correlations were -0.42 to -0.49 and longitudinal correlations were 0.59 to 0.63. Sensitivity to change was established with a correlation of 0.40. The LTDS is a reliable measure in this clinical setting. Early estimation of the validity of the test is also supported.



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