Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science




Dr. Natalie Allen

Second Advisor

Dr. Richard Goffin


This research investigated between-subjects effects of team member familiarity on team performance and adaptation with cognitive ability and task experience as covariates. Fifty-two two-person teams, comprised of members who were either familiar or unfamiliar with each other, participated in 10 trials of an interactive computer game. Midway through the triais, the nature of the task was changed substantially. Performance scores were recorded after each trial. It was observed that member familiarity was not significantly related with overall task performance but that cognitive ability and specific task experience were. Familiar team members experienced a significantly smaller postchange drop in performance when cognitive ability and task experience were controlled for. Fanoiliarity, cognitive ability and task experience were not related to the post-change reacquisition of previous performance levels. Taken together, these results suggest the need for further investigation of the links between team composition, performance and adaptation among teams operating in dynamic situations.



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