Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Engineering Science


Biomedical Engineering


Dr. Hanif Ladak

Second Advisor

Dr. Murad Husein

Third Advisor

Dr. Terry Peters


A Virtual reality simulator has been developed with the purpose of training otolaryngology residents to perform myringotomy. For input, we used a stereo optical tracking device. This device allows for the tracking of surgical tool and anatomy positions in real time. For the output of the device, we designed a simulated microscope. This contains a stereo display for viewing the simulated environment. All processing such as physics calculations and graphical rendering are done in the system using an amalgamation of software tools. These hardware and software tools have been combined together to create a cohesive training simulator. After the design and construction was completed, a face and content validation study was performed to determine the simulator's effectiveness. This study involved allowing experienced residents and surgeons to use the simulator to gain familiarity with it, and then fill out a questionnaire. This questionnaire posed questions regarding the effectiveness, realism, and viability of the simulator. The results of the study indicate that the surgeons feel positively about the simulator as a training environment and, although there is room for improvement, they would recommend its use.



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