Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Foods and Nutrition


Dr. Danielle Battram

Second Advisor

Dr. Paula Dworatzek

Third Advisor

Dr. Danielle Battram


With 1 in 4 Canadians obese, effective dietary approaches for weight loss are needed. Traditionally, restrictive dietary plans are used, but they have proven ineffective in longterm weight loss maintenance; therefore, alternative approaches are warranted. Using the Canadian Healthy Eating Index (CHEI) as a framework, this six-month nutrition education and skill-building pilot intervention was examined for its acceptability and impact at improving the overall diet quality of healthy, obese adults (n=7). Postintervention interviews and surveys were analyzed for program acceptability and to assess key changes in participants’ behaviours and self-efficacy towards diet quality improvement. In addition, changes in CHEI score and body weight were assessed. While no change in body weight was observed, all participants perceived the intervention as beneficial and practical and the CHEI score improved by 9.9 points (p=0.10). This pilot intervention was well-received by participants and may offer an alternative to restrictive diets for weight loss.



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