Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Education




Dr. Susan Rodger

Second Advisor

Dr. Jason Brown


This study explored the links between woman abuse, mental health, and women’s parenting efficacy beliefs. Participants were 17 women recruited from an adult education centre in London, Ontario. Comparisons of the women in the study and comparison groups showed that both groups experienced similar levels of woman abuse, trauma, depression, and parenting efficacy beliefs. Parenting efficacy beliefs were predicted in part by women’s depression, trauma symptoms, and self-efficacy. Despite the influence of mental health on parenting efficacy beliefs, women’s parenting efficacy scores were quite high, indicating that women’s beliefs about their mothering capacities may be sustained despite experiences with woman abuse. The study underscores the need for further research into parenting and the consequences of abuse, as it suggests that women are not universally diminished by experiences of violence and may maintain parenting beliefs which can be built upon in counselling.



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