Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts


Media Studies


Dr. Carole Farber

Second Advisor

Dr. Joy Parr


This case study examines the politics of location as they emerge in an experimental theatre-circus production. Ziggurat was an award-winning original theatre-circus show, staged under a (small) big top, by Vancouver’s Leaky Heaven in July of 2004. Using extensive interviews with project participants, video and photographie records, company documents and published press, I reconstruct Ziggurat in three spheres of study: the show’s creation, the performance(s), and the audience reception. In keeping with new critical thinking on live performance and located theatre analysis, this study combines material, semiotic, and spatial analyses to redraw the boundaries of theatrical production. Viewing the Ziggurat project as one of Neil Leach’s “zones of temporary strategie appropriation” I ask how practice, identity, presence, and mobility combine as elements of a community that makes an ephemeral impression on the urban landscape.



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