Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science




Dr. John Paul Minda

Second Advisor

Dr. Mark Goldszmidt

Third Advisor

Dr. Elizabeth Hayden


While medical diagnostic reasoning has been highly studied, there has been little inquiry into how doctors think and reason about patient management. Patient management involves treating patients in the context of their daily lives. This study investigates expert-novice differences in the saliency of deep and surface features related to both patient diagnosis and patient management. Experts (endocrinologists), intermediates (medical residents), novices (medical clerks), clinical nurses, and certified diabetes educators completed a series of 10 forced- choice triads. Overall, experts and intermediates were more likely to choose deep feature matches than novices were: novices nearly always chose surface feature matches. Diabetes educators endorsed deep matches for both management and diagnostic triads, while nurses recognized only management-related deep features. I suggest that patient management is a salient category for healthcare providers and its development may depend on clinical experience.



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