Date of Award


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Master of Arts




Danièle Bélanger


This thesis focuses on the international and marriage-based migration of young Vietnamese women to Taiwan and South Korea. The study examines the economic and social impact of this phenomenon on sending households and communities. The study is based on a survey conducted in 2007 in three communes of Southern Vietnam. The survey sample included 250 bride-sending households and 150 non-bride-sending households, used as a reference group. Individual and focus group interviews were also conducted. The study shows that international marriage migration brings about mixed effects for sending areas. On the one hand, remittances enable households to improve their economic and social status within the community. In addition, they lead to empowerment of emigrant daughters and transform traditional gender relations and marriage prospects for young local women. On the other hand, the migrant households spend remittances largely on items of consumptions and develop a dependency on their emigrant family members. Familial tensions due to remittances are also observed. Another negative impact of marriage migration is the tight marriage market for local men.



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