Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts




Professor Samuel Trosow

Second Advisor

Professor Randal Graham


This paper examines whether closed platforms are, or should be, susceptible to review under Canadian competition law. Firms that produce technology components are often also in the business of producing information infrastructure. When a set of technology components is organized into infrastructure, the result is called a “platform”. The platform concept is a powerful tool for explaining how the technical properties of information infrastructure influence its economic properties. This paper proposes a framework to explain a platform's organization and behaviour. Platforms engage at least two markets - a “component market” and a “content market”. A dominant platform provider can "close" its platform off from unauthorized components and content. This has the effect of harming the provider's competitors in the component market, and downstream firms in the content market. It can also further entrench the provider's dominant market position. Such conduct is reviewable under Canada's Competition Act.



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