Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science




Dr. Volker Nolte

Second Advisor

Bob Vigars

Third Advisor

Dr. Charles Rice


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the relationships between maximal strength in a barbell front squat, countermovement jump, squat jump, different parameters of a drop jump, and 0m-10m, 10m-30m and 30m-60m splits of a 60m sprint. The subjects in the study were all female university rugby players. Subjects did drop jumps from 0.12m, 0.24m, 0.36m, 0.48m, 0.60m, 0.72m and 0.84m. Jump height, Drop Jump Index, power, force, and rate of force development parameters were calculated at each drop height. A correlation approach was taken to analyze the relationship between each of the tests. Drop jump height from a dropping height of 0.84m had the highest negative correlation with 0m-10m split (R=-0.66), the 10m-30m split (R=-0.86) and 30m-60m split (R=-0.86). It is suggested that a combination of drop jump training from low heights and maximal strength training precede drop jump training from higher heights. It is suggested that training incorporating maximal strength and drop jumping may increase sprinting speed.



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