Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Engineering Science


Civil and Environmental Engineering


Dr. Han Ping Hong


A reassessment of the accuracy and possible modification to the moment magnifier method for evaluating the capacity of slender reinforced concrete column recommended by CSA A23.3-0.4 (2004) is carried out. The assessment is focused on the equivalent column flexural stiffness employed in the moment magnifier method. For the assessment, experimental results of slender reinforced concrete columns reported in the literature were obtained to establish a database that is more extensive than those available in the literature. A statistical analysis is performed on the modeling error, which is defined as the test to predicted strength of slender reinforced concrete columns, to ascertain whether use of the current CSA equation for estimating equivalent stiffness as well as two other proposed equations found in the literature in the moment magnifier method produces adequate and accurate predicted capacity.

It is found that the three aforementioned equations for estimating the equivalent column flexural stiffness are conservative and produce a significant scatter of the modeling error. Statistical analyses are performed to investigate the correlations between the modeling error and column parameters, and to provide probabilistic characterization of the modeling error.

Furthermore, new equivalent column flexural stiffness are developed based on regressionanalysistoreducethebiasandscatterassociatedwiththemodelingerror. A recommendation to replace the existing CSA A23.3-0.4 equivalent column flexural stiffness is made based on the obtained statistical results.



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