Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Engineering Science


Civil and Environmental Engineering


Dr. M. Hesham El Naggar

Second Advisor

Dr. Ashraf. El Damatty

Third Advisor

Dr. Sean Hinchberger


The helical pile is a foundation system that is used to support new buildings and for retrofitting deficient existing foundations. The performance of expansion anchors used to attach the helical pile connectors to foundations is assessed numerically. The anchors response to pull-out and shear loads was evaluated using non-linear finite element analysis. It was found that the pre-tension load had no influence on the anchor ultimate capacity but affected the anchor response at service load levels and the displacement at failure. Under pull-out loading, increasing the anchor diameter resulted in a more brittle response but did not affect the ultimate capacity when the concrete tensile strength dominated the response. For cases governed by the expansion mechanism, increasing the anchor diameter resulted in higher ultimate capacities and a more ductile behaviour. No interaction between anchors was observed for spacing ≥ 1.67 times anchor’s embedment depth. The anchor shear capacity was found to be dominated by the steel failure mode.



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