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Master of Education




Dr. Katina Pollock


his study is critical in nature, exploring the understandings and responses a group of teachers in a rural Ontario school have of diversity. During a one on one interview participants were asked to describe their understandings and responses to the diversity in their rural Ontario School. Participants described diversity, the challenges resulting from it and the strategies they use to help students overcome the challenges. Participants described diversity as difference broadly defined. Students were found to be different in terms of race and ethnicity, socio-economic status, family life, language and learning abilities. The main chalienges associated with this difference were highlighted as intolerance, different learning needs, and curriculum unreflective of student diversity, different beliefs and values of the students and their families, and poverty. Participants explained how they tried to help students overcome these challenges through creating a culture of acceptance in their school, differentiating their instruction, collaborating with each other, and using two support services; the ESL teacher and community volunteers and donations. The findings are explored through a critical lens



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