Date of Award


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Master of Arts




Dr. Andrew Walsh


This thesis presents original ethnographic data on women in Ambondromifehy and reflects the need for new ways to incorporate discussions of conceptual issues such as the use of comparison in anthropology, methodology, and the application of theoretical conceptualizations, into discussions of the ethnographic data collected in the field. The ethnographic data on women in a small-scale mining community in northern Madagascar is the first study in this region on women living in this community. This original ethnographic data includes Interactive Ethnographies and a website, which both feature videos as well as photographs obtained using two different photographic methods (researcher photographs and the Camera Project). The incorporation of visual material and interactive learning into the anthropology classroom is an example of one way in which conceptual ideas and practical applications can be taught together, emphasizing the relevance of conceptual issues to die practice of Anthropology and increasing the confidence of students going into the field.



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