Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Computer Science


Yuri Boykov


RANSAC [15, 38, 1] is a reliable method for fitting parametric models to sparse data with many outliers. Originally designed for extracting a single model, RANSAC also has variants for fitting multiple models when supported by data. Our main insight is that, in practice, inliers for each model are often spatially coherent — all previous RANSAC-based methods ignore this. Our new method fits an unspecified number of models to data by combining ideas of random sampling and spatial regularization. As in basic RANSAC, we randomly sample data points to generate a set of proposed models (labels). We formulate model selection and inlier classification as a single problem — labeling of triangulated data points. Geometric fit errors and spatial coherence are combined in one MRF-based energy. In contrast to basic RANSAC, inlier classification does not depend on a fixed threshold. Moreover, our optimization framework allows iterative re-estimation of models/inliers with a clear stopping criteria and convergence guarantees. We show that our new method, SCO- RANSAC, can significantly improve results on synthetic and real data supporting multiple linear, affine, and homographic models.



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