Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts


Media Studies


Dr. Alison Hearn

Second Advisor

Dr. Jonathan Burston


This thesis explores the shifting styles of self-presentation that are bound up with the Actors’ Studio’s promotional history. It argues that the self-presentational style inscribed by the promotional and pedagogical discourses of Method acting c. 1955 can be located within distinctly modem modes of capitalist production (cf. Ernest Sternberg’s Romantic and Modernist styles of self-presentation). It then explores ways in which a similar style of self-presentation seems to be perpetuated on the contemporary television show Inside the Actors Studio. After considering the additional inclusion of various “anti-Method” performance styles on ITAS, however, this thesis concludes that, although the discursive contours of Method self-presentation may seem to be intact, the program’s evocation of Romantic authenticity is wholly allegorical - a pastiche performed according to the logic of promotional culture.



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