Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Engineering Science


Electrical and Computer Engineering


R.V. Patel

Second Advisor

M.D. Naish


Video-assisted thoracoscopie surgery (VATS) is becoming a prevalent method for lung cancer treatment. However, VATS suffers from the inability to accurately relay haptic information to the surgeon, often making tumour localization difficult. This limitation was addressed by the design of a tactile sensing system (TSS) consisting of a probe with a tactile sensor and interfacing visualization software. In this thesis, TSS performance was tested to determine the feasibility of implementing the system in VATS. This was accomplished through a series of ex vivo experiments in which the tactile sensor was calibrated and the visualization software was modified to provide haptic information visually to the user, and TSS performance was compared using human and robot palpation methods, and conventional VATS instruments. It was concluded that the device offers the possibility of providing to the surgeon the haptic information lost during surgery, thereby mitigating one of the current limitations of VATS.



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