Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Health and Rehabilitation Sciences


Dr. Gareth Jones

Second Advisor

Dr. Mark Speechley

Third Advisor

Dr. Jason Gilliland


Hot, humid summer temperatures and cooler winter temperatures may negatively influence the daily physical activity (PA) levels of older adults. Purpose: to assess the effect of summer and winter weather variables on daily PA in older adults. Methods: two groups of community-dwelling older adults were recruited (summer: n=48, 77.4 ± 4.7yrs (71-89); 36 female; winter: n= 42, 76.4 ± 5.1yrs (70-86); 26 female). Waist-borne accelerometers were worn for 7-consecutive days and weather variables were linked to accelerometer PA values. Results: In the summer months (mean PA 207.5 ± 152.4 avg hr cts/min), PA significantly correlated to time of day, humidex, temperature, AQI and estimated V02max- In the winter months (mean PA 203.4 ± 234.3 avg hr cts/min), PA was correlated with temperature, windchill, month, snow accumulation, humidity and hour. Conclusion: weather conditions and fitness may have a significant impact on daily PA accumulation by older community-dwelling adults.



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