Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science




Dr. Greg D. Marsh

Second Advisor

Dr. John M. Kowalchuk

Third Advisor

Dr. Greg D. Marsh


Eight male subjects performed moderate- and heavy-intensity plantar-flexion exercise in both a control (CON) and NH4CI ingestion (ACID) trial. Intracellular 11 metabolism was examined using P-magnetic resonance spectroscopy. During the middle and late stages of heavy-intensity exercise, ACID resulted in a lower (P<0.05) intracellular pH (middle: ACID 6.63 vs. CON 6.70; late: ACID 6.64 vs. CON 6.70). Phosphocreatine [PCr] (P<0.05) was lower in ACID during the early [ACID 18.14 vs. CON 20.40 mmol/1] and middle [ACID 14.12 vs. CON 16.73 mmol/1] stages of heavy- intensity exercise. ACID did not affect the magnitude of the PCr slow component [ACID 2.7 vs. CON 4.0 mmol/1] (P>0.05). Fundamental phase PCr breakdown kinetics demonstrated greater amplitude (P<0.05) during heavy-intensity exercise in ACID [ACID: 14.54 vs. CON: 11.31 mmol/1] with no difference in the time constant. In summary, NH4CI ingestion increased PCr breakdown during heavy-intensity exercise with no affect on the PCr slow component.



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