Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Engineering Science


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering


Dr. Jesse Zhu


The modem era of technology has amplified the significance of coated materials as well as their potential relevance and opportunity. With microbial infection arising as one of North America’s biggest public concerns, by the ongoing spread o f harmful microorganisms, the need for a marketably simple and durable antimicrobial surface has arisen for applications including inanimate objects and/or biomaterials.

Antimicrobial surfaces cater to public safety by protection/prevention of infectious disease by the reduction of transmission of harmful microorganisms and the intervention of microorganism contamination. This study exhibits the development of various powder coating formulation efficacies against Escherichia coli and corresponding bacterial reductions of over 99% after only hours of exposure on metallic substrates. The most effective formulations recognize differences in the inorganic active agent concentrations of silver ion or nano silver metal and accompanied additive percentages of corresponding carrier materials of natural chabazite zeolite or silica gel.

As an additional advantage to functional antimicrobial coatings, ultrafine powder coating is an environmentally friendly green technological coating, since it eliminates the use of toxic solvents that are responsible for the hazardous emissions of volatile organic compounds



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