Date of Award


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Master of Science




Dr. Penelope L. King


This study examines a suite of basaltic glasses to determine how subtle compositional changes affect mid-infrared spectra. Glasses with varying SÌO2, FeOtotai, Fe3+/Fe2+, and total alkalis were synthesized in a gas-mixing furnace. The glasses were analyzed using micro-reflectance Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy in the region of 650 to 5400 cm'1. The main feature of interest is the Si-0 asymmetric stretching vibrational feature located at -1200 - 800 cm'1. The location of the Si-O feature shifts to higher wavenumbers as SÌO2 content increases. The full width half maximum of the Si-0 feature decreases as total alkali content increases. FeOtotai and Fe /Fe have no effect on the location or shape of the Si-0 feature. These observations indicate that mid-infrared spectra of basaltic glasses may assist in determining the SÌO2 and total alkali contents in basaltic glasses irrespective of FeOtotai and Fe3+/Fe2+. These observations will aid in the interpretation of remotely sensed data.



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