Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Communication Sciences and Disorders


Dr. Philip C. Doyle

Second Advisor

Dr. Joseph B. Orange

Third Advisor

Dr. Marilyn Kertoy


The purpose of this investigation was to gather information on whether there are differences in the areas of concern affecting quality of life for individuals treated for oral cancer versus laryngeal cancer. The investigation also sought to assess whether current questionnaires are able to detect differences between these two groups. Thirteen adults who had been treated for oral cancer and 6 adults who had been treated for laryngeal cancer served as participants. Participants completed three validated and widely used questionnaires. A method of assessing relative differences in areas of concern was explored. Results indicated variable findings, with some subscales approaching significance. Overall, both groups reported concern with taUdng/speech, eating, and swallowing. Commonalities were found in the areas of concern for both groups, although the impact of these areas may vary. The data suggest that further explorations are warranted and raise continuing clinical questions relative to the assessment of these populations.



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