Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Education




Shelley Talyor

Second Advisor

Suzanne Majhanovich

Third Advisor

Rachel Heydon


This study investigates the Accelerative Integrated Method’s (AIM) effectiveness for teaching French grammar in core French (CF) settings. The researcher conducted case study research in a CF classroom, using the Communication Orientation of Language Teaching (COLT) checklist for observation and performing an in depth grammatical analysis of 3 students’ written stories. Students demonstrate acceptable use of the grammatical forms expected at their level by provincial standards, excepting the observation of gender and number agreement between words. Definite article agreement appears particularly weak. Students, however, exceed provincial standards for producing complete sentences and show signs of acquiring native-like French expressions. These findings are presumed to be a result of AIM’s focus on oral fluency. The researcher discusses the role of grammar correction in language learning, and recommends that future research investigate whether gender agreement errors are corrected further on in the AIM program.



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