Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Education




Dr. Martino

Second Advisor

Dr. Rezai-Rashti


This thesis examines gendered authority in teaching from the perspective of four female secondary school teachers in South Western Ontario. It draws on feminist

researchers and theorists such as Francis & Skelton (2005), Lather (1991) and Butler

(1990) to establish a framework for critically examining the effects and impact of

institutionalized patriarchy on female teachers’ lives in one school. Purposive sampling

and interviews with four female teachers are used to provide further insight into how

authority is established and understood in a school system that is dominated by a male

hierarchy. The thesis raises important questions about the need to create dialogue and

awareness about the significance of gendered authority for female teachers in schools and highlights the political significance of including the voices of female teachers in

educational research that is committed to a feminist politics.



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