Ben Hazzard

Date of Award


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Master of Education




Collaboration between classrooms, in a digital environment, was explored using the self-identifiers of connectivity, constructivism, and collaborative comforts to partner teachers. The research question investigated was, how might emerging research on connectivity, constructivism and collaboration within the digital environment inform the design of an interactive website that enhances the ways in which teachers are able to collaborate with colleagues around the world based on the development of a more complex partnering system? The Design as Education Research Framework was used to implement the ‘design as research’ method and resulted in the design of the research object, an interactive website, Multiple data sources that informed the design process were: the research object, a development journal, feedback from a development panel, and academic literature in the field. Reflection via a virtual convener, practical applications of connectivism and constructivism, as well as the impact of a development panel on ‘design as research’ were described. Cross-classroom collaboration projects were organized into a matrix that was developed based on the comforts.



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