Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science




Dr. Margaret Campbell-Brown

Second Advisor

Dr. Paul Wiegert


The purpose of this study was to develop a process to measure the mass distribution index, the speed distribution, and the flux of the sporadic meteor sources using an electro-optical system. Data was recorded on two nights, April 27 and May 6, 2006, and the system was tested by measuring the flux of the eta Aquariid meteor shower. Eta Aquariid fluxes yielded ZHRs of 14.3 ± 4.5 meteors hr'1and 65 ± 10 meteors hr'1 on the measured nights in agreement with literature values (Rendtel, 1997). The mass index of sporadic meteors was s = 2.14 ± 0.12 and the speed distributions were found to be in agreement with radar measurements by Campbell- Brown (2008). The estimated total annual flux from all sporadic sources was: 0.226 ± 0.018 meteors km'2hr'! and 0.151 ± 0.023 meteors km^hr"1brighter than magnitude

4.72 ±0.19 for April 27 and May 6 respectively.



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