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Master of Science




Prof. Sica


Independent aerosol backscatter and extinction measurements with the high power-aperture Purple Crow Lidar (42.87deg N, 81.38deg W, 225 m) are obtained for the first time. This is achieved through application of a Raman-Lidar technique for determining the field of view of the rotating liquid mercury mirror, and through development of a novel method for isolating the attenuation behaviour of the low-altitude mechanical signal chopper.

Eleven nights of high-altitude (> 12 km) aerosol observations are pre­ sented with measurements of the intrinsic extinction-to-backscatter aerosol ratio (Lidar ratio). These include cirrus clouds, smoke near the tropopause from biomass burning during June-July 2002 and stratospheric aerosols from the Kasatochi volcanic eruption of August 2008. Detailed structure in the Lidar ratio, reflecting physical particle properties, is observed - in contrast to the single value often assumed by Rayleigh Lidars.

A coincidental measurement by the space-borne Calipso Lidar is found to have good agreement.



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