Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Microbiology and Immunology


Dr. Laura Hertel

Second Advisor

Dr. Greg Dekaban

Third Advisor

Dr. Sung Kim


Myeloid dendritic cells (DC) such as Langerhans cells (LC) and dermal DC (MDDC) are among the most potent professional antigen presenting cells. Their phenotypical and positional differences in vivo suggest that LC and MDDC may perform distinct functions. To gain insights into functional differences, we performed a genome-wide analysis of the transcriptome of LC and MDDC in immature and mature states, generated in vitro from CD34+ and CD14+ progenitors. Transcripts displaying statistically significant differences in expression between the cell types were separated into twelve functional categories. Partitioning has revealed that there are substantial differences in DC transcriptional activity. DC subsets modulated a number of transcripts encoding proteins with functions in antigen processing, adhesion, migration, apoptosis, mitochondrial functions and cell cycle regulation. Results suggest that LC and MDDC may rely on distinct molecules in order to carry out important processes. These analyses increase knowledge of DC functions with immediate benefits to the field of immunotherapy.



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